Honest Roadtest: Toilet Paper Tracks

So I see a lot of things on my Facebook feed along the lines of “30 rainy day activities to keep your toddlers entertained” and it’s shit like glitter in water in a Coke bottle and I think yeah, for 40 seconds.

But there’s one activity I’ve seen around a couple of times which I thought might be cool.

Toilet paper tracks


Yeah, this might be cool. I can totally see the appeal in that and I can see myself getting an uninterrupted coffee from this.


Nailed it

We had to do this outside because we rent and could potentially be rendered homeless if we attempt any “craft” inside. Especially “craft” that directly involves the walls. I thought using the bin was a genius idea and the buttons would be a cool substitute for cars.


What the fuck was I thinking?

It took about 10 full excruciating minutes to set up when you consider the toddler “help” and the baby crying because he was being neglected.

And she only played with it for half as long. Prompted.

2/10. Would only recommend if you hate yourself and your children and your bin.


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